The City of Omaha kicked off its effort to update the transportation element of its master plan today (Tuesday, 11/16).  We were pretty impressed with the turnout at the kickoff meeting at Mammel Hall and were equally excited about the kinds of ideas that were being discussed.  The best quote we heard from the consultant during the evening: ”There’s one city that’s solved their traffic congestion problem entirely…Detroit.  Everyone moved out and there’s no problem with traffic in Detroit anymore.”

Those leading the initiative are in search of more folks that will be involved on a more intimate level throughout the process.  The most important opportunity for further involvement is as a “stakeholder”.  Stakeholders will be engaged in more detailed discussions throughout 4 – 6 meetings over the course of the next year and are asked to commit to engaged involvement. If you’re passionate about making Omaha a more pedestrian-friendly city, sign up to be a stakeholder.

This is an initiative with a lot of potential.  We’ll stay closely involved as it unfolds (two VOICE steering committee members are on the steering committee) and will keep you all abreast of developments.

But don’t wait on us.  Get involved today.  And don’t say nobody has asked you.

More information can be found at the City’s newly released website: