…a meeting (yes, another meeting) to help the City of Omaha plan how it approaches its transportation planning efforts. While your initial reaction might be, “look, it’s easy to get around in Omaha and the bus system will never work”, this is about much more than buses, streetcars, vehicles, bikes and rickshaws. When it comes down to it, it’s about how our City develops and whether or not we’re creating the kind of city that lends itself towards a mix of transportation modes rather than one (the car).

Details of this important discussion about how we’ll prioritize our money going forward:
Thursday, September 15, 2011
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Scott Conference Center,
6450 Pine Street

You should get your toosh to this meeting if you:

  • are you interested in promoting a city that is walkable, affordable, clean, sustainable and breathable
  • feel that how we allocate money to transportation these days is way out of whack and a little more should go towards bikers, bus riders and walkers.
  • have ever paid for gas, expensive gas, and thought, “man I wish I didn’t have to drive so much”.
  • would like to see Omaha show up on the list of the 10 Best Cities for Public Transportation
  • appreciate neighborhoods like Dundee, Benson, South 24th Street and Midtown Crossing and would like to see more of them develop
  • have a pulse

In addition to setting the City’s transportation priorities, planners will also preview their first street design guidelines.

Come check it out. Seriously. It’s sort of an important meeting. And you just might catch a glimpse of our favorite council member or the coolest aspiring U.S. senator.