Please read the following message from our friends at Nebraskans for Civil Reform and act ASAP:

“Today LB 239 Voter ID was prioritized. It will likely be debated on the floor next Wednesday.

We need your help now to stop this voter suppression legislation from becoming law in Nebraska.

1. Sign up for a lobby day being held in conjunction with the Nebraska League of Women Voters on Tuesday, February 21st at 8:30 in Capital Room 1023.”

2. Call your state senator’s office now and tell them to oppose LB 239 because it is costly, unnecessary and disproportionately impacts seniors, citizens with disabilities, youth, and low income citizens.

3. Sign the Nebraska anti voter suppression law petition.

4. Join the Nebraska “Protect Our Vote” Facebook page.

5. Forward this [message] to all of your friends and family!

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and support! Together we can ensure that our democracy is inclusive and accessible for all Nebraskans.”