The steering committee of VOICE Omaha released the following statement in response to Attorney General Jon Bruning’s May 3rd Opinion related to Omaha’s amendment to its non-discrimination ordinance. John Bruning’s non-binding legal opinion regarding Omaha’s amendment to its nondiscrimination ordinance is pure political pretext.

Mr. Bruning is using his political position and legally unsound non-binding opinion to gain favor with the extreme right-wing of voters during primary season. Mr. Bruning’s opinion lacks the kind of critical thought and advanced jurisprudence that we would expect from our State’s attorney general.

Furthermore, Senator Beau McCoy, whose recently-failed bill to forbid Omaha to pass its own nondiscrimination ordinances without statewide approval, seems to be searching for any opportunity to prevent the protection of Nebraska’s LGBT community.

We believe that there have been differences between state and municipality non-discrimination ordinances for decades, which beg the question: why are Mr. McCoy and Mr. Bruning only interested as of late?

As the political campaign proceeds, we encourage Mr. Bruning to focus on his record and his vision for Nebraska.

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