Omaha Public Power District Board of Directors

Term: Six Years
Board Size: eight
Candidates: Tom Barrett, Mike Cavanaugh, Sandy Dodge, George Mills
Why you should care:

- You use electricity everyday. OPPD is the sole source from which you can buy it. They set the price, and you don’t have a choice.

- The majority of OPPD’s power is created by burning coal, which emits some pretty nasty stuff into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.

- OPPD’s nuclear power plant in Fort Calhoun has been shut down for over a year due to several issues. Bringing it back online is really important and very costly.

Who you should vote for:

Sandy Dodge

Sandy Dodge demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the issues that no other candidate could hold a candle to. We expected expertise given his long tenure on the board, but Mr. Dodge exceeded our expectations. Every question we asked was met with a clearly articulated response. His depth of knowledge is critical for OPPD at a time when several critical issues must be resolved.

We have yet to hear OPPD’s management acknowledge that climate change exists and that humans are, to some extent, causing it. Mr. Dodge believes both and certainly understands that OPPD’s coal-fired power plant emissions are not only contributing to climate change, but they are also emitting other bad pollutants. Sandy is wholly in favor of OPPD’s current efforts to help its customers conserve electricity and is also in favor of expanding renewables.

Getting OPPD’s Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant back online is extremely important, and Mr. Dodge understands what it’s going to take to do so. The decision to outsource management of the plant was a good one and will likely move things forward quicker. It might, in fact, result in significant cost savings in the long-run.

George Mills

George Mills believes it is time for new blood on the OPPD board.  He believes the current board all too often “rubber stamps” the directives and policies from OPPD’s management. At the same time, he is someone who believes in collaboration, is open to new ideas, and will study issues to find the best solutions.

George served several years as a Douglas County commissioner. During his tenure he helped form several “Blue Ribbon” commissions to study and implement various projects including the combined 911 center and the Aksarben Village development.  George understands what it takes to manage a large entity and to be a good steward of tax payer money.

George has the experience and passion to be an excellent representative to the OPPD board. He will bring a new perspective to the board and a vision for its future.