Term: Four years
Board Size: Twelve
– Subdistrict 2: James English & Freddie Gray
- Subdistrict 4: Sarah Brumfield & Oscar Duran
- Subdistrict 8: Andy Allen & Danyelle Baratta
- Subdistrict 12: Jennifer Tompkins Kirshenbam & Patrick Bourne

Why you should care:

  • They are in charge of selecting the OPS Superintendent. As you know from recent events, this has become a more critical and time-sensitive endeavor than ever.
  • They are in charge of the appointment and dismissal of employees, setting salaries, and guiding the course of education throughout all Omaha Public Schools.
  • They are in charge of adopting the OPS budget (where a significant portion of your real estate taxes go).
  • They are responsible for preparing and publishing the body of policies and regulations for the OPS system.
  • They serve as ambassadors and advocates for OPS on district, state, and national levels.

Who you should vote for:

Subdistrict 2: Freddie Gray (D)

  • Qualifications: Served on OPS Board of Education since 2008; served on National School Boards Association/Council of Urban Boards of Education Racial Isolation Task Force, NE Association of School Boards, African Achievement Council, Douglas County Board of Health
  • Priorities: To increase student achievement, Ms. Gray plans to partner with community stakeholders to address issues outside the scope of the school district’s work; accelerate quality early childhood education to help children arrive at school ready to learn; and recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and principals.
  • Subdistrict 4: Oscar Duran (NP)

    • Qualifications: Various board membership; Creation of numerous youth driven community initiatives
    • Priorities: Promote strengths-based development; Increase community collaboration; Emphasis on service learning

    Subdistrict 8: No endorsement

    Subdistrict 12: Patrick Bourne (D)

    • Qualifications: Law Degree (Creighton University, 1997); Former State Senator (8th Legislative District)
    • Priorities: Create strategic plan for OPS; Increase transparency; Increase graduation rates