United States House of Representatives

Term: Two Years

Candidates: John Ewing, Lee Terry, Jr.

Why you should care:

- The House has 435 members, with the number of representatives per state dependent upon that state’s population. Nebraska has three representatives in Congress:

1. Jeff Fortenberry (R) represents District 1, which is made up of the eastern one-quarter of Nebraska, except for Omaha, Douglas County, and urban areas of Sarpy County, which makes up District 2.

2. Lee Terry (R) represents District 2, which is made up of all of Omaha and the more populated areas of Sarpy County.

3. Adrian Smith (R) represents District 3, which is made up of the western three-fourths of Nebraska.

- While the Senate’s limited membership may seem like it grants senators more power, the House of Representatives has the power to raise revenue through taxes, making each member and each contested election important.  Also, the House has the power to call for impeachment.

- Lee Terry has been serving Nebraska, District 2 since January 1999.

Who you should vote for:

John Ewing (D)

John Ewing has demonstrated commitment and discipline in his public service.  He had a long and distinguished career as an Omaha Police Officer and has made great strides in creating efficiencies in the work he oversees as Douglas County Treasurer.  As Treasurer, he has operated beneath his final allocated budget each year and reduced the number of employees in the office since the economic downturn in 2008 brought in lower revenues.

He led the committee for United Way of the Midlands that oversaw the distribution of funds to the Von Maur shooting victims efficiently and without problems, which was a significant accomplishment given the scrutiny and sensitivity of such a task. In his campaign, John Ewing has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of national issues and is an advocate of practical, smart solutions to our nation’s problems.

After serving Nebraskans since 1999, Representative Lee Terry should have a lot of legislative accomplishments under his belt.  He has the senior position on the Energy and Commerce Committee and little to show for it.  What’s worse, his campaign this year has been surprisingly bitter and mean-spirited, which is saying a lot in this age of negative attack ads.

Representative Terry grossly overstated the impact of the Hill-Terry legislation and took inaccurate and silly pot shots at John Ewing’s budget management record as Douglas County Treasurer.  The Omaha World-Herald wrote that Representative

Terry’s campaign has been marked by “unseemly behavior for a veteran” Congressional representative.  We agree.  It is time for him to go.

John Ewing has demonstrated that he is a candidate worth electing to Congress from Nebraska’s District 2.