Voting is the foundation of a democracy. If you want your voice to be heard, you have to vote. Do you care about the environment? Check out the OPPD race. Do you care about education curriculum? Or do you pay property taxes? Check out the OPS Board races. Do you care about stem cell research? Check out the UN Board of Regents race.

We’ve gathered information on the races and the candidates so that you can be an informed voter. Make sure to use your voice on May 15 in the primary and later this fall on November 6 in the general election.

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We’ve put together a long list of links to help you learn more about the individual races and candidates.

General Information

League of Women Voter’s Guide

Omaha World Herald Election Page


U.S. Senate Democrat

Bob Kerrey
Steven Lustgarten
Larry Marvin
Sherman Yates

U.S. Senate Republican

Jon Bruning
Sharyn Elander
Deb Fischer
Pat Flynn
Don Stenberg

U.S. House of Representatives District 2 Democrat

John Ewing
Gwen Howard

U.S. House of Representatives District 2 Republican

Paul Anderson
Glen Freeman
Jack Heidl
Brett Lindstrom
Lee Terry - incumbent

State Legislature

All districts

District 2
Robert Howard
Bill Kintner
R. Paul Lambert – incumbent appointed in 2011
Robyn Larson
Mel Luetchens
Ron Nolte

District 5
Heath Mello – incumbent elected in 2008

District 7
Christopher N. Geary
Jeremy J. Nordquist – incumbent elected in 2008
Adrian Petrescu

District 9
Vernon Joseph Davis

Erica Fish

Sara Howard

District 11
Ernie Chambers
Brenda J. Council – incumbent elected in 2008

District 13
Timothy Ashford
Tanya Cook – incumbent elected in 2008

District 31
Rick Kolowski
Acela Turco

District 39
Judy M. Domina
Beau McCoy
- incumbent elected in 2008

University of Nebraska Board of Regents

District 8


Candidate Bios

Board of Education

OPS Subdistrict 12

Research the responsibilities and issues of the OPPD, MUD, Omaha Board of Education, and NRD positions.

Our friends at the Progressive Research Institute prepared this great summary of the responsibilities of and issues facing the OPPD, MUD, OBoE, and NRD races. If you’ve ever wondered why these races and positions are important, give it a read. You’ll stop wondering immediate.

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