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This PBS documentary explores how other cities have dealt with, and continue to deal with, transportation planning and how their choices affect their cities. There is a lot of interesting information about Denver’s beltway and Portland’s mass transit, both of which are very relevant to the conversations happening in Omaha now.

Blueprint America: Road to the Future, an original documentary part of a PBS multi-platform series on the country’s aging and changing infrastructure, goes to three very different American cities — Denver, New York and Portland, and their surrounding suburbs — to look at each as an example of the challenges and possibilities the country faces as citizens, local and federal officials, and planners struggle to manage a growing America with innovative transportation and sustainable land use policies.

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Equal Opportunity & Social Mobility

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Transportation is a hot topic in Omaha these days, and the recent honor awarded to Mexico City’s bus system from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government made us wonder if all that’s going on is actually going to result in a more sustainable transportation system in Omaha. While great new programs such as the new Pass to Class partnership between Metropolitan Community College and Metro Area Transit are sure to increase ridership on the Omaha bus system, Omaha’s culture is largely rooted in automobile trips. Are the decisions our leaders are making related to this issue in the best interest of all Omahans, or just those who can afford to own and operate a vehicle? This question and ones like it will be explored at the next VOICE Public Meeting. We hope you can make it.

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